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Tonight I had a bath, a rare occurrence in my life (no I don’t smell that bad! I usually have showers!!) and I didn’t have any bath salts to put in it. I had the idea to use fresh herbs to make it smell nice and so I used some sage that was growing out the back. My bath, and now I, smell amazing.

I’m lucky to have running water in the house with which to have a bath actually, and in celebration of that, I’d like to help others have access to better water also. will you help me by donating a few dollars to Charity: Water? I want to raise $100 which will help five people get access to safe drinking water. Now, I didn’t drink my bath-water (although I suspect it would have tasted like luke-warm watered down sage tea), but the fact that it was technically safe enough to drink makes me very grateful indeed.

Do you enjoy baths regularly? What do use use to make the water smell nice? Have you ever tried fresh herbs?