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Six months ago I taught myself how to bind books using a Coptic stitch and then I made myself a diary/journal/planner for the second semester of uni. I loved that planner more than any diary I’d ever bought, because I had personalised it to be exactly what I needed.

Today, I pulled the old planner apart, re-papered the cover, printed new inserts and bound myself a new planner for 2012. Already I love it more than the planner I saw in a bookshop last week and nearly bought.

I first learnt about Coptic stitching from a girl whose blog I found via her Twitter page and I fell in love and was able to do a Google search to find a YouTube video and written instructions on how to do it. My first attempt was an utter disaster, because I had not understood the video. My second attempt was much better because I’d read a different set of instructions. Seriously, the internet can be so awesome sometimes.

What skill have you taught yourself using on-line tutorials? Or is there a skill you want to learn?