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Today my dad drove me and two loads of boxes to my new apartment, and he’s offered to do the same tomorrow. He is also going to hire a ute on the weekend to move the bulky furniture that wouldn’t fit in the car. It has made this particular move (my 19th move into my 20th house) very, very easy. and for that I am grateful.

I like moving house, finding a new place is so exciting for me. Then comes the packing where I get to throw out a lot of junk (and donate clothes to local op shops!). And then, I get to unpack everything and decide where it’s all going to go again. I’m 20 years old, so on average I move once a year. The longest I stayed in one place was five years during the end of primary school and the beginning of high school. I moved bedrooms twice in that house because I wanted a change of scenery.

Do you like moving? Do you do it yourself (or with a friend) or hire a professional removalist?