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Today I used a recipe that my dad invented to make an amazing summer drink. The drink combined the awesome flavours of mint, ginger and apple and was stupidly easy to make. I love making family recipes, don’t you?

Now, instead of banging on about how I made this drink using water from my kitchen tap, I’m going to offer you guys something in return for helping me raise money for Charity: Water. I’m going to offer you a copy of this amazing recipe. It’ll spice up your barbecues, cool down your hot afternoons and amaze your taste-buds, I promise.

So, for just 59c, you can have a copy of this recipe and help me raise money to get safe drinking water to those in need. 100% of the profits from the sale of this recipe will go to Charity: Water. And when I say profits, I’m not taking a cut, I’m just factoring in PayPal fees!

59c isn’t much, it’s less than the price of an app for your iPhone. Will you help me? Buy a copy, then pass this on! The more people who buy the recipe, the more money we raise to help others in need of a drink too!

If you’d like to make a larger donation, please visit this page and follow the prompts.