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Like my housemate bringing in the bins. Like the pet hair attachment for my vacuum which works so well on blanket fluff. Like the cool change that swept through. Like the cous cous salad I made for dinner turning out great. Like the phone company trying their best to get my Internet connected. Like my new deodorant. Like the good book I finished during breakfast. Like baking pie for dessert (even though the final result was not overly edible). Like wearing my favourite rainbow shirt. Like being able to blog from my phone. Like an unexpected call from my dad.

Today was a lot of little good things and some medium crappy things, but I’m grateful the little things outweighed the crappy. And the crappy ones weren’t so bad.

Roller coaster, mountains and valleys, ups and downs, highs and lows. Today was sort of just side to side. I’m grateful it was also on a gradual incline. How did your day weigh in?