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I just got off the phone with my family in Vietnam who I haven’t spoken to in ages. Gee I miss them! But tonight I’m proud and grateful for my littlest brother, Max, who this blog is inspired by and who is helping fundraise with his class to build a playground in Hoi An. He’s training to run a triathlon at the end of this month to help raise money and he’s asking his friends and family to post to Facebook, Twitter and anywhere else we can to help him and his class reach their goal of $5000. He’s 11.

So tonight, I’m asking if you’ll help me, to help him, to help get a playground out to a community who needs one. You can donate here, even a dollar would help out. He’s also competing with his classmates to see who can raise the most money, so if you donate, could you also be so kind as to leave a comment here so he can keep track?

I am so proud of my little bro, and I can’t wait to hear how the triathlon goes.