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I had my pre-employemnt medical today and the doctor who made sure I was as fit and healthy as I claimed to be was really nice, as was the nurse and the reception staff. I don’t visit doctors very often, usually I’ll go because I need a prescription for Malaria medication before I travel or something. I don’t get sick enough to warrant a trip to the doctors and I don’t think I’ve ever had the flu.

So when I do go to a doctor, it’s usually my family doctor, but since I moved states obviously I can’t just fly back up to Queensland whenever I need malaria tablets or a pre-employment medical. It was just really nice today to be treated like a person at the doctors office by everyone and even though they are not the closest doctors to me, I’ll definitely consider booking with them again because of the excellent service, you know, next time I need malaria tablets or whatever.

Do you have an excellent doctor? Maybe you should write them a thank-you note, I’m certainly going to.