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I’m not trying to bag out individual universities here, I reckon they all have this problem. The timetable allocation day problem. It was mildly amusing when I was studying at QUT (Queensland University of Technology) that their technology couldn’t handle the overload of students logging on when the timetables were released. I grew to accept it and by sheer luck always managed to get class times that weren’t too bad.

I was expecting crashes at RMIT, and was surprised when I inquired about crashes at an info session and was told they don’t happen. This morning though, timetables were released and the system crashed. And from what I saw on various RMIT Facebook pages, this happens every semester here too. So I laughed, flicked on a couple of YouTube videos and hit refresh every 10 minutes. An hour after it was released and subsequently crashed, I was able to log on and sign up for classes.

I was hoping to cram all my classes into Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday; expecting to get them spread hopelessly across the entire week; and actually managed to get them nicely divvied up between Monday, Tuesday and Friday. I reckon it was either sheer luck, or I have some kind of timetable specific lucky charm that I don’t know about!

Are you at uni this year? How did your timetable work out? Did the system crash for you too?