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Today I tested the bike route into to uni. It takes me the same time to bike in as it does to catch a tram or a train, but I’m saving money and getting some exercise instead. For the first few weeks of this semester, I think I’ll be riding in. I’ll take advantage of the lighter homework load and the good weather.

About half of the route is on nice, protected bike paths, a quarter on bike lanes and a quarter in normal traffic. The last few kilometres are kind of terrifying, but I’m going to try a few different ways to avoid the three lane (no bike lane) road that is my final stretch.

All this riding today made me think of my little brother, who very soon will be participating in a triathlon to raise money for a community playground. Could you help support him and his classmates? Actually, come to think of it, both my brothers ride their bikes to school everyday now. That’s pretty cool.

Do you ride? Have you tested a new route lately?