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It seems like a weird thing to be grateful for hey? Grateful for the hardest part of my day. But, that’s because I haven’t told you what the hardest part of my day is. Every single day, the hardest part of my day comes at the end of it when I sit down with my computer or phone to write the blog post for Max-Gratitude. And it’s hard because I have to pick one thing to write about being grateful for.

Every day I have at least, at least, three things I want to write about, and many more that go unspoken. Today for instance, I am grateful that I got a job, that my brother is doing a triathlon, that my sister also got a good uni timetable, that my housemate likes driving me places, that Michaelangelo was playing in the party across the road and I got to listen in, that the two dollar store I visited had a great selection of fake flowers, that I could afford to treat myself to some great fake flowers, that the weather’s been fantastic and that if I don”t stop writing this list now, I’ll be here all night.¬†Seriously.

So tonight, I’m grateful that I have so many things to be grateful for. I’m grateful that the hardest part of my day is picking the one I want to share with you.

Tell me in the comments, what are you grateful for today? Something big or small, I want to hear about it!