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Tomorrow is my first day at my new uni. I like the way my timetable has worked out, on Monday’s I have three lectures with two 3hr breaks in between. That’s going to become the perfect time for me to do readings, work on assignments and revise notes.

Tomorrow however, it’s going to be the perfect time for me to eat. Lots. Because it’s the first day and I don’t have any readings to do yet. Now, I don’t have the money to be running round the city buying fancy lunches, so instead I’ve prepared a massive amount of food to take with me.

I have one of those Nude Food Movers lunch boxes with the little containers and compartments and I also have a set of little containers that twist together. So I’m taking a pasta salad, a fairy bread sandwich (yes, seriously. I know how unhealthy it is! But it’s also delicious, so don’t judge me), rice crackers, dried apricots, crystallised ginger, lychees and a plum. And I’m 90% sure I still have a candy cane or two floating around in my handbag.

So that should be enough food to get me through. I’m excited that I get to use my cool little containers, it actually does stop me using plastic bags and I bring a bigger variety of stuff when I use them.

What do you do to make packing lunch fun? And tips for me?