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The guy at our local video store is a rather eccentric character and always good for a mind boggling conversation, so when I went in today to return a late video I expected a long winded conversation about nothing related to late videos or their fees.

What I got was a rather normal and pretty short conversation in which I found out that the late fee for a weekly video being returned a day late was only 20c and that I didn’t have to pay it today. He’s a really nice guy after all, even if he is a bit weird!

I know video stores are slowly becoming obsolete with things like Foxtel and Telstra T-Box and Optus MeTV becoming more popular, but I’ll continue to frequent my local store because I like the staff.

Do you still hire videos? Tell me why or why not in the comments

PS. Actually, we hired a DVD. I guess it’s an old habit that I still refer to it as a “video” when it comes from the video store!