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Okay, so it’s only half a bonus post, but I was way too tired to write anything last night! The story starts with me getting lost finding a new way home by bike from uni yesterday afternoon. I’ve managed to find a new route home from uni each time I’ve ridden there, despite taking the same route in, I’m just very good at getting lost I guess! So the route I took yesterday is the hilliest so far, I reckon I found nearly every hill between uni and my house.

Along one part of the route, I found myself riding past a bunch of flyers on telephone poles and I noticed they were advertising something that was on that night. The next one I noticed had “kelangelo” on part of it and I thought to myself, I think I know who that is. So I stopped at the next flyer and discovered that Mikelangelo and The Tin Star were playing at The East from 8.30.

Now there’s a long, long backstory to why/how I know Mikelangelo and I’m not going to go into it here, but it starts back with my dad and Mikelangelo’s first CD from 2001 in his parent’s neighbour’s house and most recently ends up in a backyard party across the lane from my new place. So I thought that these posters were kind of auspicious or something.

When I got home, I called my dad to tell him about my finding, but he was still at work and had no intention of going out to see Mikelangelo. so I convinced my housemate that we needed to go out on a Tuesday night and she was happy to indulge me. So we went to The East Brunswick Club, and we got to see Mikelangelo and The Tin Star play and Go Girl Gadget Go Go dance.

It was a really fun night out, and even though I did not appreciate the hills coming home yesterday, I am quite glad I made the discovery and decided to go out.