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Today I went off on a hunt for steel cap shoes for work. Using Google Maps, I found a couple of safety equipment stores a few k’s away and so I set off on my bike in the blustery cold. I got to the end of my street, turned onto the next street and two intersections up, way sooner than I was aiming for, I found a safety equipment store that hadn’t shown up on my map search.

I swished in (yes swished, I was wearing a swishy dress!) and asked the fellow behind the counter if they sold steel cap shoes. He showed me two different styles, I tried on one pair and bingo- just right first time round.

They’re funny shoes to get used to actually. They look a lot like my old school shoes but the soles are very thick and they’re quite a bit heavier. Anyway, I’m glad I didn’t have to go far today, as the weather wasn’t so great for riding.

It was a nice surprise. Did you get any good surprises today?