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So, do you remember when I was telling you about Mikelangelo? Well tonight he was playing with The Black Sea Gentlemen for a ten year anniversary gig and my dad offered to bring me out with them to go and see it. So I said yes, and I trammed it into the city and met up with them there.

The gig was great, Mikelangelo’s MC skills are incredible and need to be witnessed to be understood fully. Afterwards as we were leaving, I got to shake his hand and that was pretty cool. I know, small things hey?

I got to tell my dad and step-mum all about my first week at uni and hear some of dad’s teaching stories (which makes me extra grateful that I changed degrees most of the time!) and then to top it all off, I got to direct a taxi driver back to my place, and in doing so retell my Tuesday evening biking home story as we went pretty much the same route.

I’m grateful that I got to have a night out with my parents, and I’m grateful that I don’t think it’s daggy in the least!

Stay tuned tomorrow when I introduce my March Theme and Charity, it’s a good one!