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Okay, so maybe you’re thinking that oil burners aren’t that exciting, but I’m in love with my new one. First of all it’s huge, I reckon I could fit my fist in side the space for the candles easily and the oil holding part holds more than a cup. And secondly, I don’t use it for burning scented oils. I know. crazy.

Here’s the thing. I’m from Queensland, a place know for it’s humidity. I love hot and steamy days where it feels like you’re breathing water. And now I’ve moved to Victoria where the air is so dry I can feel it sucking the moisturiser off my face in the mornings. So I have been having some troubles sleeping because by the time I wake up my whole system has been dried out and my nose feels like it’s sucking in it’s last breath. Only slightly exaggerating, but not good.

So my home tricks for humidifying a room were okay, but none of them wowed me. Until I bought this new hugely massive oil burner. I know the whole point of the home tricks was not to spend money, but I needed to and I’d rather use an oil burner than an electric humidifier.

Anyway, I’m rambling on a bit now, but the whole point is that I’ve got this new oil burner set up and I’m using two candles in it cause it’s so freaking big, and this morning when I woke up… my windows were foggy from the inside!! Humidity achieved. My nose felt great too.

The next step is to start using soy candles cause they’re so much better to be breathing in every night and I’ve already placed an order for a bulk lot to be sent to me and after that I’ll be sweet. So I’m very happy with my new humidifying solution, and as an added bonus, the heat from the candles kind of warms the room a little too so in winter it’s going to be a two-birds-one-stone kind of solution! Win-win!

Do you use oil burners? Have you ever seen a huge one?