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In one of my courses at uni at the moment, we’re learning about writing with sound. It’s pretty interesting actually. In class today we had to pair up and record different sounds and I paired up with my new friend Peter who happens to work with sound and has done a TAFE course on sound production. Peter was able to give me some good tips on using the H2 Zoom microphone (he actually owns his own!) and we had a lot of fun recording things like water, a basketball game and even Peter’s footsteps.

Actually, I’m glad I’m friends with Peter for more than just his extensive knowledge of sound production. He’s a pretty entertaining guy, always bursting into song or making weird observations about trams. He’s my lunch buddy on Mondays, we go to Lord of the Fries then eat out the front of the state library and manage to keep ourselves entertained for hours until our next lecture.

What are you grateful for today?