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This morning I finally got around to letting the real estate know about our dodgy bathroom sink, the one that doesn’t like draining. They arranged for a plumber to come over about an hour before I had to head off to work. The plumber, Rob, came and fixed our shower (which was also having drainage issues) in about 2 second flat but was here for almost two hours trying to fix the sink. I called work to let them know I’d be late and watched as Rob tried to figure out what was actually wrong.

By the end of it, he’d improved the drainage slightly but said he couldn’t fix the problem without actually getting to the pipes in the walls. So, he left and I started getting my stuff together for work. While I was packing my bag, the sink made a few gurgling noises, but I just figured it was because the last of the water was draining down the pipes. While I was making my lunch I heard a kind of trickling splashing noise and when I stuck my head in the bathroom to check everything was alright- water! All over the floor!

I grabbed a towel from the hall cupborad to direct the water away from the door where it was trying to make an escape to our carpet and then called Rob. I told him the sink was overflowing and flooding the bathroom.
He said, “seriously?”
I said, “yes!”
He said, “that shouldn’t be happening…”
I said, “I know!”
He told me to go upstairs and ask my new upstairs neighbours to turn off all the taps in their bathroom and keep them off until he came back.

It was the first time I’d met these new neighbours. The conversation went something like this:
Me: Hi-I-live-downstairs-can-you-please-turn-off-the-taps-in-your-bathroom?
The lady upstairs: What?
Me: My-bathroom’s-flooding-can-you-turn-off-the-taps-please?
Her: Uh, sure, not a problem. What’s going on?
Me: I-don’t-know-but-the-plumber’s-coming-back-to-fix-it-I-have-to-go-and-de-flood-my-bathroom-now-nice-to-meet-you.
Her: Bye then.
Me: (runs back downstairs to mop up the flooding water).

So I called work to let them know I couldn’t make it in today then proceeded to mop up the small ocean in the bathroom. I should say, I tried to mop it up, discovered both our mops are rubbish at soaking up water, and now have a washing machine full of towels to wash tomorrow.

Just as I finished cleaning up the water, Danny, another plumber, came to look at the new problem with my bathroom sink. Rob came shortly after that and they spent another two hours trying to fix this new problem. It turns out that if the upstairs apartment turn on their bathroom sink taps or their shower, our bathroom sink floods. And there’s nothing the plumbers could do about it because the pipes are stuck behind the new shower and can’t be accessed.

So, the short version of this story is that we had a minor draining problem with our bathroom sink. After 4 hours of the plumbers time, we still have a minor draining problem with our bathroom sink, no longer have upstairs neighbours and are having more plumbers over tomorrow morning to install some new pipes.

I’m seriously glad that plumbers exist, they do a very important job in our society! Have you ever had a plumbing emergency? Tell me about it below.

I’m also glad it was only a emergency with an overflowing sink, not an overflowing loo!!