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You know those days where everything just goes right- people are really nice to you, the weather’s good, you get compliments (and photographs!), your classes go well, the bike rides are full of sunshine and hot air balloons, the lunch you make turns out to be awesome and the CD you sing along to seems to be easier to sing along to than usual? Yeah, I had one of those today. It was awesome.

Another awesome thing that I get to do today? Shower in the upstairs apartment. Again. See, because our upstairs neighbours had to move out (long story) and because we had tiles taken out of our shower, it made sense for us to use the upstairs shower while ours gets patched up. And because the tiles need certain times to dry between bits, and I have a crazy uni¬†schedules, we won’t have a usable shower until Tuesday night. And, don’t get me wrong, this paragraph reads kind of negatively, but I’m totally psyched about it. I used the upstairs shower last night and you know what? It was fun!

So what random stuff made you happy today? Tell me in the comments.