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For almost all the work I do manipulating images, I use a nifty little program called Paint.net but every now and again I need a tool or option that the program doesn’t offer. Today was one such occasion and I really needed a copy of Photoshop. Now, the thing is, I do actually want to purchase Photoshop in a few months, but I want to install in on a laptop that I don’t own yet. I’m working on a tiny netbook that can barely handle two programs open at once, so what I really needed was just a trail version that I could delete after a few weeks.

And that’s what I got. I love that companies are so good about 30 or 60 day trials for software, and I’m glad I’ve got the option to actually play around with Photoshop for the next month.

Have you ever downloaded a trial then fallen in love with a program? What was it?