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Today, I was expecting a parcel. I knew that it would get delivered today and I knew I wouldn’t be home to collect it. And that’s okay, I was planing on picking it up tomorrow after the builder puts the finishing touches on our shower (long story here and here). However, the shipper put electronic tracking on it, so I was getting emails as the parcel was on board, unsuccessfully delivered, then awaiting pick-up.

So in my first break between lectures this morning, I checked my email and found that it was waiting for me to collect it, but the address to collect it from was not the post office down the road from my place, it was the main post office in the city. I though, “Oh, that’s not too bad, I’ll go grab it now and I won’t have to worry about it tomorrow.” So I walked down to the post office to inquire about my parcel.

Have you seen the post office on Bourke Street in Melbourne? I actually walked in to the wrong section of the building to start with! When I walked into the right building, a lovely staff member saw my face (which must have been displaying my utter confusion like an open book) and asked if she could help. I told her about my parcel and she took me to the collection area.

What followed was a good 40-50 minutes of hunting for this parcel. It wasn’t in the parcels area, it wasn’t in the delivery area, the email said it was actually in the offices next door (which I walked into originally), but it wasn’t there either. Mikayla (the lovely staff member) stayed with me the whole time, asking different people how my parcel could possibly be so missing. We eventually had to call the post office near my house and sure enough, they have my parcel safe and sound. It turn out the driver simply made a typo on a code that caused the system to think the parcel was in the city and not back home.

I laughed the whole incident off, it was after all a rather amusing way to spend time between lectures, but what really stood out for me today was the excellent customer service by Mikayla and all the other Australia Post staff involved in my parcel hunt. They were all keen to help me find the parcel and all willing to help in any way they could. I’m really grateful that they’re so good at their jobs and so genuinely concerned about customer service. It made the entire experience more pleasant.

Have you experienced some outstanding customer service recently? Tell me about it, I love these kind of stories!