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Want to know a secret? My old toothpaste actually had sugar in it. Sugar. I know. The recipe has since changed because when I checked it out at the local health food shop today, it seemed to be fine, but just to be safe I decided to try a new brand entirely.

For years now I haven’t used mint flavoured toothpaste and for almost as long, my toothpaste hasn’t frothed up when I brush (SLS free please!). Most recently I’ve been using the sugar filled toothpaste that tasted like candied orange peel (delicious!!). Today I bought an aniseed flavoured one. It’s amazing. Nice and gritty from the bi-carb but lovely tasting because of the aniseed.

As a kid, my sisters and I once tried the Harry Potter toothpaste that came out of the tube in a lightning bolt shape. It was supposed to taste like bubblegum, but I’m pretty sure all three of us hated it. Flavours of hippy toothpaste (flouride free, SLS free, organic ingredients etc) that I’ve tried include orange, aniseed, “herbal”, echinacea and lemon.

Have you ever tried non-mint flavoured toothpaste? What was it like?