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Yesterday I stumbled on my abandoned blog veryzoe.com and read back through all my old posts. It reminded me how much I loved blogging about random stuff and was a nice trip down memory lane for me, so I decided to start blogging over there again. It was actually kind of difficult, because what I really want to do is revamp the theme, change the layout, reorganise it all. But I resisted (I don’t have the time right now!) and instead just wrote a post.

Yes, it’s bugging me right now that some of the pages are a bit outdated (I’m looking at you “About Me”) and they widgets need rearranging and I really really want to change the theme, but I’m so glad I got back into writing! I loved writing my post We Need Change, Not One Direction and I’m going to love writing more posts when I’ve got the time (and the topics!).

So, a little self plugging here, if you want to read stuff from me that isn’t all gratitude, all the time, head on over and have a look at my other blog, maybe even subscribe. It would make me very grateful 😉

Have you discovered an old hobby again and reunited with it? What was the hobby? Are you glad you’re doing it again? Tell me in the comments below.