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Tonight I brushed my teeth and my gums didn’t hurt! I am so grateful for this. All this week I’ve had a touch of gingivitis and everything from brushing, to flossing, to eating anything remotely crunchy has inflamed my gums and had me pulling faces in the mirror when teeth brushing time comes.

But tonight I am nearly totally cured. I started by researching gingivitis on the net and finding a bunch of advice and solutions. My teeth brushing routine has become 20minutes long and includes gum brushing and several rounds of rinsing. I also upped it to brushing after every meal this week. Even my teeth are whiter now thanks to all the extra attention.

I swear I’ll be looking after my teeth (and gums!) a lot better from now on, I do not want to go through the pain of inflamed gums ever again! I’ve got my first wisdom tooth coming through at the moment also, so I’ll be taking extra care of it as it comes down.

My number one lesson from this week is to use a timer when brushing, flossing and rinsing. I found that having my phone counting down really helped me not slack off half way through my routine. Do you have any tips to share? Tell me in the comments.