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I am writing this post in Chrome and you would not believe how grateful I am for that. I ended up taking my laptop to the IT help desk at uni this morning and asking for help. The tech guy (I didn’t catch his name) said that technically he couldn’t try and fix my particular problem (with internet explorer’s download issues) because if he stuffed it up it would be the uni’s fault. But, he then proceeded to give me a few tips and walk me through a few possible fixes.

None of them worked, but I was really glad he tried to help anyway. He also gave me a bunch more tips to try later on, and after a few more reboots and clicking of stuff, the problem fixed itself. I’m still not 100% sure which little fix worked, but the point is that it did work and now I have Chrome back!

So today, I’m grateful for computer miracles (that’s totally what it was you guys, a miracle, I swear) and nice tech support guys who help make them happen, even when they’re not supposed to!