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In the seven weeks of uni so far this year, I’v not ridden my bike twice. The first time was on my first day because I didn’t know the route, the second time was when I discovered a flat tire as I was leaving the house.

My commute is a round 19km a day and involves some uphills and downhills, I do it three times a week. When I first started commuting, I was the slowest commuter. Seriously, every single person riding in my direction managed to overtake me. The last few days however, I’ve begun regularly overtaking a few riders on each trip. I’ve even started overtaking Lycra-Cyclists!! I’ve managed to cut about 10 minutes off a one way trip as well, pushing my average km/h from 12.6 to 14.3 and I’m pretty happy about that.

I know I’ve been lucky with the weather so far, and that’s helped keep me on the bike, but I’m glad I don’t make excuses not to ride. Really, for me, there are no valid excuses (other than a last minute flat tire of course!). Biking is faster than catching the tram or train, it’s exercise (the only kind I get), it’s free, it’s less crowded than public transport and I always finish a ride feeling better than when I started.

So as it heads into winter and the days get darker and colder, I’m making a promise that I’ll keep not making excuses not to ride. Because riding makes my life better and makes me feel better about life in general. Riding helps make me more grateful for the other things in my life. True story. I’ve monitored the kinds of thoughts I have when riding and when on the train, and for me, they’re always much happier and peaceful on the bike.

So I’ll stop banging on about how much I love my ride now and ask you if there’s something you enjoy this much? Something that you don’t make excuses for, not matter what. Tell me about it in the comments.