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My local health food shop had some pomelos in today and on a whim I decided to buy one. The last time I ate a pomelo was when I was visiting my family in Vietnam almost a year ago. My youngest brother Max was rather obsessed with them, but the whole family liked them. They taste like a grapefruit, but much less bitter.

When I brought my pomelo home, I called Vietnam first to see if anyone was home. My littlest sister answered the phone and I asked her if my pomelo was ripe. Mine was rather yellow and she reminded me that that meant it was ripe.

So I spent a good deal of time cutting it up. The pith is very thick and not good to eat at all and the little bits of skin-type-stuff that separate the segments are very bitter and tough and shouldn’t be eaten. In the end I had a bowl of flesh which I sat down with and enjoyed.

If you’ve never tried a pomelo, I think you should give it a go. What’s an unusual fruit that you can’t get at home very often that you enjoy? My other favourite is dragon fruit.