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My Friday commute is an interesting challenge food wise. I have to leave relatively early in the morning and I don’t always have enough time for a proper breakfast, but unlike Mondays where I have a 1 hour lecture to endure before I get to eat, I arrive at uni on a Friday to four hours of tutes. Walking from one tute to the next I manage to cram in a chocolate bar and a fruit bar, but by 12.30 when classes are over, I always need to eat. I need to eat to recover from the morning’s ride and eat to get home again.

I don’t come with a packed lunch on Fridays because I usually just want to get home as soon as possible, so I’ve taken to eating on the bike as I’m riding home. My favorite is chocolate spread sandwiches. Even though I use multigrain bread, I know they aren’t my healthiest option. Banana cake also works well as do cinnamon scrolls. Anything that I can eat using one hand that won’t drip down my front is good.

Anyway, the thing that I’m grateful for today is chocolate spread sandwiches. Because they are a most delicious fuel.

Also, first uni commute in the rain this morning. Re-learnt a few lessons about riding in the rain that will serve as good reminders as the weather beings to deteriorate here. Thankfully, it didn’t rain on my sandwich!