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Today, I woke up and got out of the right side of the bed. I don’t know why, but I was in a great mood all day. When I’m in a great mood, I notice more little things to be grateful for, and I end up caught in a upwards spiral of happiness. I tell you what, it must be those Leggings. I wore them today and I got a compliment from my favourite busker, “I love your leggings!” “Thanks!” “They’re psychedelic!”.

I also got hit on by three guys in a car while waiting at a set of traffic lights riding home. It started with “Great leggings!” moved on to “I’m really intrigued about those flowers” “yeah, he’s really intrigued” “I just like the arrangement of them and the colour…” and ended up with “I feel like we’re trapped in this car, I wish we were walking”. When I finally overtook them before a turn off I got a final “We’re proud of you” that I just did not understand at all. I laughed most of the way home.

My lectures were interesting, my lunch extra delicious, my favourite busker played some great lunchtime music, the weather (though chilly) didn’t totally suck, The ride home was mighty fine (yes folks, mighty fine indeed!), dinner was a hit, and all-in-all I have had a wonderful day.

I hope I can get out of bed on the same side again tomorrow!

Have you ever had a day like this? That just got better and better? Tell me about it in the comments!