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Today, I am grateful for this blog. I know that seems a little odd considering I haven’t posted here in three months. But I am. I think this blog has actually helped me grow as a person, and even though I was warned to expect it (see the quote on my “About“page), I still didn’t see it coming.

I’ll tell you a story. It’s about my bike. My beloved bike. That I used to write lots of gratitude posts about (see this list). Well, the story starts like this…

Once upon a time, I had a bike. She was electric blue and had a flower covered basket and colourful, clatter-y spokey dokes. She lived out the back of my apartment block in a shady sheltered spot under the stairs. She lived there peacefully for nearly eight months, but a week ago…she was stolen!

Yes, I know, it seems to be a pretty sad beginning to the story, but my actual story is about the way I reacted to this tragic event.

Twelve months ago, I would have noticed that she was gone and been in shock. That shock would have very quickly turned into anger, despair, tears and blame. I would have been sulky for at least a fortnight and I would have taken my issues out on anyone who offered me advice or suggested I do anything differently.

A week ago, I reacted with shock. That shock quickly turned into laughter, surprise and jubilation. Big difference I know. My housemate seemed more concerned about my missing bike than I was at first.

Mum suggested the loss would be covered under my contents insurance. A year ago I would have cried or reacted angrily at the suggestion. A week ago I laughed and asked her, “what contents insurance?”

Dad racked his brain trying to think of ways to help, offering to come and drive around my neighbourhood to look for it and wishing he could offer me a spare bike in the mean time. A year ago this would have sent me into a fit of despair, and I’d have wailed about how I’d never find it and what was the use! A week ago I laughed and told him it was okay and I’d survive on public transport in the mean time.

Reflecting on my reaction to losing my main and favourite form of transport, I tried to figure out what has changed for me in the last year to make me react the way I did. Lots of things in my life have changed in the last year, but I think that keeping a record of something I was grateful for each day for five months had the biggest impact on my outlook on life.

I find that in my everyday life now, I am more aware of how lucky I am to be me and how much I have in my life to be grateful for. And it’s all thanks to this blog. So to pay back my gratitude, I’m going to start writing regularly here again. And I’ll start again next month with a new charity to focus on and support.

Finally, to commemorate my dearly departed bike, a photo montage. Goodbye Angie, you will be missed. And also replaced.

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