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I am lucky to have had the childhood that I did and to have the memories that I have as a result.

I have written before about how I tend to buy back memories when I purchase second hand books and this week I have realised that I do the same with music. I don’t purchase a lot of music, but I’d say at least 80% of the music I’ve purchased in the last two years has been albums or songs that my parents would play a lot as I was growing up.

Not only do I buy back memories, but I also recreate them. I’ll cook a meal exactly the way my parents cooked it, or I’ll make family jokes to people I’m not related to. This week I even recreated one of my favourite outings.

When we were little, my dad took my sisters and I into the city, each armed with a disposable camera. We went on a safari. The only rule was that we could take photos of animals that weren’t real. They could be statues or billboards or logos, but they couldn’t be real.

On this outing, I decided to be clever and when we were crossing the river on a City Cat I pointed my camera straight up and managed to take a photo of the sky with out any buildings in it. That photograph has been blu-tacked to the ceiling above my bed in every house I’ve lived in since I had it developed.

On Monday, I did a photo safari in my new city. First I had to hunt down a couple of disposable film cameras, and when it was over I had to hunt down a place that would develop them. Now I’m awaiting the return of the prints to see how it turned out, but I know already it was a success. I had an enormous amount of fun finding the animals of Melbourne and I got to share one of my favourite childhood memories.

So I am glad that I had such an awesome childhood and now have such awesome memories to look back on. And for that, I have to thank my entire family.