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Lately I’ve been feeling very abundant financially. Last month I was underpaid by accident and I still managed to buy tickets to fly to Vietnam, tickets to fly to Brisbane, pay all my bills and groceries, pay my sponsorship, have a little spending money each week and still have some money left in my savings account. This is partly due to how much I’m earning at the moment, but also because I’m pretty good at managing my own budget (thanks mum and dad!).

When my bike got stolen, I had the money in my account to replace it immediately if I wanted, but I chose to wait, do some research and then buy a more expensive bike that I’d take better care of. Last night when I flooded the apartment, I had the money to pay a 24 hour emergency carpet cleaning service to come and dry the carpet. And while I’m annoyed at myself for needing to pay it in the first place, I’m beyond grateful that I didn’t have to ask anyone for the money to help me cover it until my next pay check.

That’s what I’m grateful for today, how about you?

Oh, you want the story of how I flooded my apartment? Okay, but it doesn’t make me look good. At all. So, I’m a hippy right? And I hate washing my clothes. For the past month and a half the only clothes I’ve washed are my uniforms for work and my knickers and socks when I run out of clean ones. So I had a month and a half of hippy clothes begging to be washed. Well, it was my housemate was doing the actual begging.

So yesterday afternoon I started on the many loads of washing I had to do. I probably should mention that being a hippy, I don’t use a normal washing machine. I use a twin tub. It has one tub for washing and one tub for spinning. Anyway, so I was up to my second or third last load when my housemate came home last night and I put one load in the spinner and turned on the tap to rinse and spin the whole lot.

Then I got distracted by said housemate, we watched a movie trailer in her room for a movie we were going to watch with dinner. We must have also been chatting because I’m sure I left that tap on for longer than the length of a movie trailer. Just guessing that by the amount of water I stepped in when I went to leave her room. Her carpet was a puddle, as was the hall, part of my room and part of the lounge room. The bathroom (where my washing machine is) was a lake. A lake with a large washing machine waterfall at the end of it.

First thing we did was turn off the tap. The second thing we did was scream/laugh. The third thing we did was grab all the clean towels and attempt to mop up the massive amount of water. The fourth thing we did was drain the washing machine so we could use the spinner to dry the towels in between mop-ups. Then we gave up and called in the carpet dryer. He said he’d be half an hour.

While we waited for him to arrive all white-knight-and-save-the-day like, we mopped up the rest of the lake and then splashed around on the carpet for a bit. Mature I know. Our carpet drying knight came with his water vacuum  and his industrial fans. He sucked up most of the water in the carpet then set up two very noisy fans which he told us to leave turned on for the next 3 days to dry the rest of the water out.

Our house now resembles a wind tunnel. The noise is awful, very jarring and is getting on my nerves, but I’ll put up with it if it means my carpet dries out completely. And I’ve learnt my lesson. I’m never washing my clothes again. Except for right now, I have to go and wash all the towels we used… but that’s the last load I’ll ever do, I swear!

Have you ever flooded your house? Tell me about it in the comments, I need to know I’m not the only person that’s flooded the carpet from a silly little mistake!