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I like reading. And I like being on holidays because then I can read without guilt. That’s not to say I don’t read during the semester, it’s just that when I’m on holidays I’m not procrastinating, so I can take my time to enjoy a good book (or twenty).

Today I read finished reading Bee Season by Myla Goldberg. I’ve just discovered that this book wass turned into a movie and I’m keen to watch that now too, just to see how good it is. Because the book was fantastic. It reminded me a bit of The Lost Dog (a book by Michelle De Krester, set in Melbourne) in that the style of story telling was similar  Both stories use memories and back story to fuel the present story line and fill in the important details. I particularly liked Bee Season for it’s look into the inherent dysfunctionality of people and families. It felt honest and human and heart breaking all in one.

Read any good books lately? Or have you been able to snag a little reading time to peruse anything you wanted? I love these moments and am glad to have them on my holiday.