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One day, Eddy The Teddy woke up…

All of the Eddy stories begin like that. Then Eddy usually runs into his best friend Gimlie The Pig and they have adventures painting the cubby house Eddy lives in, buying paint from Mr. Benopolopolipilopily (Mr. B’nopoly for short), eating ice-cream at the ice-cream parlor run by Ingrid The Monkey’s mum and older sister, and having adventures at the beach or park with Ty The Leopard and Potatoflower The Tiger.

I’m grateful that Max still wants to hear these stories at bedtime, even though it’s been many years since I last told him one. Tonight we had fun rediscovering all the characters and places we could go adventuring with. He even told me he would never be too old for Eddy The Teddy stories and we decided that even when he’s 30 and has kids of his own, I can still tell him Eddy The Teddy stories and his kids can listen in.

“How do you remember all their names?” He asked me.
“Because I used to tell you these stories all the time,” I replied. “I had to remember them.”
“But, did you ever have to write them all down?”

“I remember he [Eddy The Teddy] lives in, like a small house?”
“Yes, he lives in a cubby house out the back of his mum’s house.”
“Good, cause that’s what I’ve been imagining,” he tells me.

“I think you’ve told me this one before,” he assures me.
“No,” I reply, “I’m making this one up right now, as I go.”
“How can you do that?” He wonders out loud. “But I remember he’s painted his house like this before because he was looking up at the ceiling when he was going to sleep and looking at the stars.”
I agree, “Yes. But he always used to paint stars on his house. Or dinosaurs, or jungles. Tonight he’s painting galaxies on the walls and roof, like the whole universe.”
“Ah, okay.” He’s satisfied with this reason.

And then Eddy The Teddy went back home and went to sleep.