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I’ve recently discovered the joy of listening to music on Pandora. I first downloaded the Pandora app on my phone because I was missing listening to music (as I’d deleted all my music to make room for the clips I was filming for Integrated Media) and to save myself from getting a massive phone bill, I only use Pandora at home and uni where I have access to wifi.

My favourite thing to come out of Pandora lately is the rediscovery of Cake while listening to ‘The Cat Empire radio’. If I were in an iTunes purchasing mood, I’d do what I always do with music (and books) and buy back this childhood memory, but for now (mostly to keep my storage space free) I’ll be content to streaming music that sounds similar and finding new artists to fall in love with.

PS. Can I also be grateful that despite being having a free account, I haven’t had to listen to an ad yet? It’s actually making me consider upgrading to a pro account just to show my gratitude for how much I appreciate this app!

PPS. Also intend on reanimating this blog again! Stay tuned for (hopefully) more…