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I’m grateful for a heap of stuff this afternoon, starting with my Dad and his gift of tickets to go and see They Might Be Giants that he can no longer use (yay for me! But not so much for him). I’m grateful that I can rearrange my work schedule to fit around this show. I’m grateful I can go to the ACMI Hollywood Costumes exhibition tonight instead of Saturday (because of work, because of the tickets) and hooray for late night Thursdays.

But through all of this, I’m most grateful for my partner who has sent me a copy of my roster from home (to help me rearrange my shifts), who has agreed to accompany me to go and see They Might Be Giants (even though he has no idea who they are), who is even going to bring me my Zoom h2n recorder from home and drop it off to me at uni on his way to work. He is amazing, and I’m grateful for everything he does for me, especially on a day like today.