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I have pretty much been flat out busy for the last three days, so I’m writing a triple post tonight.

Free Tickets (Friday)
I’m very, very, very grateful for the tickets my dad gave to me to go and see They Might Be Giants play at the corner hotel on Friday night. I’m also grateful I left the tickets at home the first time we tried to leave the house (because it meant we had to turn back and get them and we ended up then catching a taxi instead of a tram-then-train combo, getting us to the venue right on time). (And just quietly, I’m also grateful that we didn’t get checked for ID at the venue, as I’d also left that at home!) I’m not good at being organised when I’m flustered. Also, the show was great, even though I only knew a half a dozen of the songs.

Serendipitous Coincidences (Saturday)
I was supposed to start work at 6am on Saturday morning, and I decided that going out till after midnight on Friday, then trying to do a 6am shift wouldn’t end well, so I started contacting workmates asking to swap an evening shift with me. Turns out one of my colleagues who was working in the evening had a wedding on and needed to do a morning shift instead. Swap complete, everybody wins! Hooray!

My Legs (Sunday)
I had to go to the Triple RRR radio station this morning to record our demo so that we can be assessed as to how ready we are to go live to air (soon!!) and I left the house a little later than I intended… but because my legs are awesome, I still got to the studio on time. My legs also featured in such events today as “riding home from the radio station”, “walking to work” and “not collapsing while I make dinner”, so I’m just going to take a minute here and be thankful for my legs.