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I planned on writing a post last night, and so did Max, but while we were stuck at Kuala Lumpur airport the free wifi wasn’t working. So here I am at my sisters house stealing her free wifi instead.

I’m grateful for patience over the last two days. I managed to travel almost 7,000km over 24 hours using; 2 car trips, 3 flights, and 4 airports with both my little brothers. I didn’t yell at them once. I did get a bit cranky on the final flight when I was woken up, and although I let my crankiness into my voice, I pulled it back out as soon as I realised and apologised to my brothers.

We had a good trip all in all. Got to see a movie, have a snooze, and afterwards when we arrived, Toni took us all out to Sizzlers for lunch.