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Okay, I’m actually grateful for a lot more than just halloumi today, but the halloumi I had with my lentil salad for dinner was bloody delicious and I’d just like to take a minute to savor how much I enjoyed it. Yeah, that’ll do it.

Anyway, I’m also grateful for my partner today. He had to put up with a crying/screaming episode while we pulled the bed apart to rotate one piece. To be fair, some heavy pieces fell to the floor, more than once, narrowly missing my feet, and scared the living day lights out of me. Ajay not only managed to get the falling bits back in place by himself (I was no help at all, could barely stay standing up) but also managed to make me feel totally okay about freaking out. He’s the best. After three days, my hell of a loft bed is finally put together. And I’m only missing one screw (and it’s for the ladder, so it’s not too unsafe!). Here’s some advice: never, ever buy a loft bed. And if you do, don’t buy one that’s painted black, because even if you don’t hit the walls with it, you’ll spend the three days putting it together worrying that you will and panic attacks might ensue.

Another thing I’m grateful for today is getting 85% of my room set up. All that’s left is to fold and shelve my clothes and then put up decorations. I’m pretty proud of how much unpacking I powered through today. All that’s left for the whole house now is the rest of my room, the bookshelf in the lounge, two boxes of unsorted paperwork (a job I’m putting off till next week), and the decorations/artwork for the lounge and kitchen. We’ve done pretty well I think!