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Oh how grateful I am for my partner today. Today and this past few weeks especially. I have been pretty stressed out from moving house, getting my first loan, buying our first car, getting ourselves organised to apply for a partner visa, and uni. And he has been amazing and ever so sweet. He makes sure I’m eating enough, makes sure I talk to him about any problems I’m having, gives me a shoulder (or more often chest) to cry on, distracts me from my stresses, helps me keep the big picture in mind and always does the sweetest little things that bring a smile to my face.

Today, I overslept and even though we both had the day off, we’d made plans to do a million little errands today. Oversleeping made me feel like I’d wasted half the day and so I was stressed and grumpy in the afternoon. Ajay took me aside and made me go through a list of all the things we’d done today. He actually pointed out we’d achieved quite a lot on our to do list. He also told me he was secretly happy that I’d slept in because he got to watch the final match of the US Open. Ah the gift of perspective. I’m so grateful for that, and for the sweet boy who helps me see it.