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Tonight I’m grateful for a new year, and another chance at this blog. Two years ago today I wrote my first post on this blog (well, technically my second) and then went on to blog every single day for almost five whole months. I’ve tried to revive my daily habit a fair few times, and so, in the spirit of not giving up, I’m going to try again. I don’t know if I’ll last the whole year, but I’ll be happy if I break my last record.

Some other things I’m grateful for today, in no particular order…
* My emergency spoon (I always carry one, and today I needed it!)
* Double time (yay public holiday!)
* My amazing Ajay, and the lift home he gave me
* Take-away dinner (because when we’ve both worked 9+ hours on less than 6 hours of sleep, it’s easier than cleaning up the whole kitchen just to cook. And yes, all my dishes are currently dirty. All of them. Happy New Year!)
* My bike, and the nice ride I had this morning

So here’s to a new year, another chance at this daily blogging business, and to all the things I’m going to be grateful for in 2014. Cheers!

What’s your New Years resolution/word/theme?