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There was a lovely moment tonight in the kitchen that happened that I want to tell you about. I was cooking dinner and Ajay was doing the dishes, as we often do lately, and we were talking about how good we’ve been this week with planning the dinners and lunches. I said that it’s something I want to keep doing, especially when I go back to uni in March because it helps keep costs down and saves me time during the day. Then Ajay said to me, “You know what you should stop doing with uni this year babe?” And I (only half jokingly) replied with, “Failing stuff?” And then he told me no, it was okay if I failed stuff, but I should stop lying about assignments this year. Confession, last year I would sometimes lie to him about how far I’d gotten on an assignment or how much work I’d put into it on a particular day, or once even that I’d handed one in when I hadn’t. Because I was also lying to myself about said assignments, and by lying to Ajay, I didn’t have to face up to the truth of my failures at writing an essay or whatever. Not good. Then he said to me, “We’ll do better this year.” We. We’ll do better this year. And in that one little word that he used so easily, he reminded me that he’s with me, that he wants me to do well and that he supports me to get the job done. I was very touched by this little moment and I’m very, very grateful to have Ajay with me this year, as we face the challenges that 2014 brings us, together.

In other news I didn’t get any gardening today, but I did get a lot of little organisational things out of the way, and so I’m grateful that it was a productive day regardless.
* Finally copied all my photos and videos over to my computer from my phone
* Did a cosmetic revamp of my personal blog, veryzoe.com
* Did some domain and hosting admin (has anyone noticed that the domain of this blog isn’t right? I’m fixing it I promise)
* Completely reset my phone and deleted a lot of junk from it, so now I can actually take a photo instead of getting a pop-up telling me I don’t have enough storage to take one
* Saw a bird on my patio smash a snail to bits to eat its guts. Disgusting. But I got a cool little video of it happening that I’m going to send to my animal loving brother Max