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Today was windy, so I left for work a little earlier than usual so I wouldn’t have to right the wind on my uphills so much. As I was very slowly coming to the top of the first (and worst) hill of my ride, a little girl waiting at the bus stop noticed my bike (which is pink and the front basket is decked out in fake flowers) and she called out “hello!” to me and after I replied with “hi!” she called out “I like your bike, it’s pretty!” Which kinda made my day. I think my bike looks ridiculous. It’s pink and flowery and very girly for my taste, but it is what it is and I do like that she can bring a bit of prettiness into someone else’s day.

Other cool bike stuff that happened today:
* Narrowly avoided being blown off course into traffic several times. Need to gain some weight I think!
* Managed to save my helmet from getting wet in the afternoon showers we had while I was at work (hooray for well timed breaks!)
* Got a clear run at the downhill roundabout on my ride home (whooooosh!)
* Shortly after the whoooooosh I noticed the car in front of me was Ajay on his way home also!