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I had the afternoon off today, so I took the chance to catch up on my recorded episodes of The Bold and The Beautiful and do some knitting. I’m using my round looms to knit a yoga mat bag at the moment, but I like the yarn that I’m using so much that I also made a hat today. A matching hat haha. But I wanted something hole-y that wasn’t like a thick beanie, so I had to learn a new stitch on my looms. It was fun once I got the hang of it. I’m grateful that I’m a quick learner and that there are so many great websites and YouTube channels out there that I can learn from.

Also grateful for
* Riding my bike to work today, it put me in a good mood (which I kinda needed after yesterday)
* Having a great long conversation with Ajay when he got home tonight. We haven’t had time for a big long chat like that in a while
* Chocolate wafer sticks (half price!)
* Pocket money, and spending it however I want. Yay for great budgeting!