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Today I’m grateful for creek trails. I finally got around to riding the Darebin Creek trail home from work today instead of going via busy roads full of trams and busses (my usual route). The creek trail goes the long way round and is about twice the distance, but it’s so worth it when I have the time to spare. The hills are shorter, there’s no traffic (or even traffic noise for the most part!) and on lovely warm afternoons like today, it smells wonderful. It smells like Australia, like home. I needed this today and I’m really glad I got to ride the long way home.

Also grateful for:
* Cheap acrylic paint
* Half price washers
* Ajay. He brought home lots of lovely fruit and the ingredients for me to make pavlova. And when I passed out on the couch around 7, he cooked me dinner and put me back to bed.
* Raspberries on sale. Are a few punnets today. Hooray!

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