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This morning before it got too hot, Tegan and I went op shopping. It was great we went to one near my house which I will definitely be going back to again and the big one near our old place. Afterwards we went to the Lebanese bakery for lunch. I really like op shops. I like that they’re powered by donations and volunteers and I like that they give a second life to used goods and I like that I always find little treasures in them. I like to think about the past lives of items I buy too. Like that nice blouse I picked up for $2. Who wore it? Did they but it for themselves, or was it a gift? Did they outgrow it or was it just not worn enough? How long will I keep it for? Who will wear it after me? The cyclic nature is intriguing. And I’m really glad that I loved the one near my house so much. I’m looking forward to finding many more treasures there 🙂