Today I am grateful for perspective. Grateful that I can be of service. Grateful that I’m loved. Grateful for my own strength. Grateful for my life.

I’m even grateful about how difficult it is for me to write this post tonight. It’s difficult because there’s many little things I’m grateful for because of the perspective I’ve received from witnessing two awful things happen to close friends in recent days. And I can’t be more specific here because that would be rude. But I’m glad I have my life right now and in glad it’s going so well. And I probably didn’t realise exactly how well until I got the perspective from today.

This turned out wordier and longer than I expected.

Also grateful for:
* Not having to catch the bus (and not having to ride) in this heat
* The cool change that finally arrived
* My home made deodorant which has performed so well for me over the last few days
* Cold baths
* Ajay knocking off early! I missed him while I was away