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Grateful for all the little things that added up to make a wonderful day today:
* Finally getting the budget done (nine days late!)
* Doing the grocery shopping. Having a lunch date together first. Buying kale at my favourite supermarket instead of the other one. Grateful we can afford good food. Grateful we can afford food. We are luckier than some
* Writing two posts for VeryZoe
* Getting to look at picture of my sisters and I being silly seven years ago
* The mild weather we’ve been having
* Cooking Indian for dinner. I think it might be one of my favourite things
* Dancing in the kitchen together
* Introducing Ajay to the TV series Touch. We got halfway through the first episode tonight and I think by tomorrow he’ll be hooked too
* Sandalwood scented candles
* Tiny, tiny candles and the tiny treasure jars they leave behind