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I’m part of a Facebook group for loom knitters and I’m grateful today for the support that they give as an online community. It really has that community feel to it. The comments left on project are either congratulatory or questioning and always polite and respectful. They community also encourages learning and sharing and helping. All in all it’s a great place to hang our online and I’m grateful that I’m a part of it.

Are you part of an online community that really feels like a community? Tell me about it in the comments, if love to hear ignore great online communities.

Also grateful today for:
* Being able to cook a delicious dinner (pav bhaji), dessert (brownies), and drink (lychee lime lemonade) for Ajay and myself
* Inventing another new thing to do on the looms (a flower cast on method that’s pretty groovy)
* Not burning myself with hot oil when I managed to spill the frying pan onto the floor
* Long skirts (hippy skirts rock!)
* Pandora (the free online radio app)
* My phone, which can play music, surf the web, write blog posts and record video. So amazing