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Another gratitude post about the creek trail that conveniently runs for the end of the street at work to my back door (practically). But this post is also about taking my time. I finished work at 1 today and didn’t get home till 3.35 (the ride itself is only 40 minutes). What I enjoyed was the feeling of freedom that I had this afternoon. Freedom to buy my lunch from anywhere I wanted. Freedom to pick which route home I wanted to take. Freedom to take my time coming home. I wrapped myself up in it like a blanket. It was delicious. And so was lunch (zataar pizza!). Sometimes it’s delightful to take the long (long) way home.

Also grateful for:
* The carrying capacity of my bike
* Warm weather
* SPF 50+ sunscreen
* Ajay letting me weasel my way out of dinner again
* The table I painted yesterday (pictures to come later I promise)
* My sister going into labour (!!)
* Pickles